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How can I use a ball?
What size ball to buy for youth?

How can I use a ball?

Here are a few ideas of how you can use a GameBall...

  • Camps - A great giveaway for camps! Promote activity and your organization! Put your logo on the ball and get customer recognition over and over and over ... every kid can use a ball!
  • Fundraisers - put your logo on it and raise money for your organization at all of your events!
  • Giveaways - Raise awareness of your organization or company! Why choose the old standards like the magnet, pen, or keychain? A ball is one promotional product that is hard to throw away! Everyone can use a ball or give it to someone who can!
  • Auctions - What a fun and unique giveaway or centerpiece! Get them signed by athletes and auction them off! Or set up a hoop and have Basketballs with your logo, $20 a shot (player keeps the ball)...make it and you are entered in a drawing for the big, airline tickets etc.
  • For your club - Every kid needs time to play. Today's youth are less active and it is affecting their health! Promote ACTIVITY!
  • Company Picnics - Put your logo on a volleyball, playground ball, baseball, softball, and pass it out at the next company get together! Something different, something fun, something the whole family can enjoy!
  • Schools - Raise money for new PE equipment! Put the school logo, name or mascot on the ball and sell them as a fundraiser! Every kid can use a ball!
  • Leagues - Now you've got them signed up ... keep them thinking of you with your very own logo balls!

    What size ball to buy for youth?

    Age Size of Baseball
    all ages 9 - 9.25" circumference

    Boys Girls Size of Basketball
    6-8 6-8 junior
    9-12 9 & up intermediate(28.5")
    13 & up   official(28.5")

    Age Size of Football
    9-12 junior
    12-14 intermediate
    14 & up official

    Age Size of Soccer Ball
    7 & under #3
    8-11 #4
    12 & up #5

    Age Size of Softball
    all ages 12" circumference
    optional (depends on league rules) 11" circumference

    Age Size of Volleyball
    all ages #5

  • Have Fun. Be Active. Stay Young.