GameBall Sports



GameBall Sports is an “up and coming” athletic ball supplier based in Seattle. Our motto is “Have Fun. Be Active. Stay Young.” In fact our company’s employees live by this in both work and play every day! Too much time is spent behind a desk these days and we all need time to get out and be active! A ball represents youthful fun and promotes activity! But at the same time, a ball can be an awesome promotional product as it is actually one product that is hard to throw away!

Our goal is to become the leading supplier of balls by creating fun, upbeat products that are good quality, low cost and PROMOTE ACTIVITY!

We have over 6 years experience in the athletic ball industry and we import our sports balls direct from the factory. By doing so, we are able to provide you with high quality products at very low prices! We also have years of experience in the tradeshow and event planning business and have seen firsthand how a high quality product can help you stand out from your competitors! Why not choose a product that is fun and will be used over and over? Everybody can enjoy a ball or pass it along to someone who will enjoy it!

We do all types of custom balls- footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseballs, softballs, playground balls, and more!

How can I use a ball?

We do have our own line of products for use in schools, leagues, and clubs! Check out the web site and/or call for more information! GameBall Sports explore our web site and discover the range of possibilities to promote your organization or corporation and stand out from the crowd!

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Have Fun. Be Active. Stay Young.